About Power Ministries

"POWER" = Prayers Of Women Expecting Results

Why the name “POWER Ministries”?

“A number of years ago our prayer group felt that God had something special for us.  Our desire was to lead people to the Lord. So we prayed to the Lord to give us a name that He would like our ladies ministry to be called. My part time job is “Footcare for Seniors”. I was asked to come to the home of a Jewish born again Rabi. What a blessing. I asked him to help us pray, and he said he might have a name for us. Then he told me that he had been a guest speaker in a church a number of years ago, where there was a gentleman sharing his testimony. He said “I was dying of cancer, when my wife was invited to a meeting by a group of praying ladies. They led her to the Lord and prayed for me to be healed. And … I was healed!”  Then he said “…these ladies should call their ministry “POWER Ministries”, where  P.O.W.E.R. stands for Prayers of Women Expecting Results!”   Well, this is exactly what we do, and so we have adopted this as our official name.”

Freda Peters, Board Member

What Women Are Saying About Power Ministries…

(Translated from Spanish)

“The Power Ministries prayer has changed my way of thinking and I feel the presence of the Holy Spirit and I laugh, I think of good things and I don’t keep thinking about things if you have problems. It is a blessing to have entered the prayer group. May God bless you. ”  🙏  Luz Edith G, Surrey, BC, Canada   🇨🇦

“Knowing Power Ministries changed my life, because thanks to this ministry I accepted Jesus and from there began a transformation in my life. Having contact with Latina women from different nations, trying uplifting books in the talks, praying for one another, knowing testimonies of lives, supporting those who are in difficult moments, etc. … are part of this group of warriors, who without knowing each other and being at a distance, we unite to walk with FAITH and not by sight. ”   Susana Z, Chile   🇨🇱

“For my Power Ministries, it has been that balm, comforting in a difficult time in my life, for two reasons:
1. The uncertainty about the mandatory quarantine to which we have been forced by the pandemic.
2. Because of the medical process that I am going through for the diagnosis of Cancer.

 I rejoice every morning with prayer; Because listening to this group of warriors with their testimonies edifies me, I have also learned to pray from each one of them, I have disciplined myself as much as I can in praying in tongues, it   has truly been a blessing to belong to the group and I appreciate the wisdom and diligence of its leader Zoraida and I thank God for his life, for his ministry and  and I pray that every day he grows and thus can fulfill the great commission that was entrusted to him. ” Blessings, Ofelia G, Bogotá, Colombia   🇨🇴

“Power Ministries has impacted my life in a supernatural way, they have helped me to listen, understand and confirm the call of God. I thank our Lord for blessing me and putting me here in this wonderful and powerful group, which daily feeds my soul, my Faith and my spirit. Thank you Power Ministries for teaching us that God’s Love is inexhaustible! Thank you my dear Zory and Lucecita, for being the angels and everyone’s welcome hug, thank you for helping us to become the POWER GIRLS that God wants. I LOVE THEM! ”   Karina G, Mérida, Yucatán, México   🇲🇽

“Power Ministries has come into my life to clarify many concerns and teachings to live and walk on the correct path that leads us to Our King of Kings, the books and testimonies and teachings of Power Ministries have been very valuable for my daily life since They have helped me to live with what is happening with the Covid that had me very stressed, discouraged and with a lot of fear thanks to you I am already much better in all family aspects and closer to Our Heavenly Father every day infinite thanks and congratulations for all that make up Power Ministries, God bless you little sisters. Thank you for receiving me in the house of prayer group I am happy !!!!!! ”  🙌🏻🙏🏻🙌🏻🥰🌸🌺🌻🌹💐 🙌🏻🙏🏻🙌🏻💛♥️ Gina D, Chile   🇨🇱

“It has brought me closer to knowing Jesus and this has brought me peace, and not losing faith in the midst of difficult circumstances.” Andrea del Pilar I, New York 🇺🇸
“To belong to Power is to have found a little piece of heaven on earth, it is to go every morning to the most important appointment with our good God, learning everything that Jesus does for each one and seeing how the Holy Spirit shapes, changes and makes shine back to each woman and gives us back everything that was once denied or taken away from us, is to find ourselves united as a family, fighting with one voice, regardless of condition, alone, with something that characterizes us all, love for who really changed our life and allows us to laugh again! “   Patricia P. Bogotá, Colombia 🇨🇴

“What impact has Power Ministres had on my life? The role of spirituality is decisive in the development of society for the struggle, among other factors, equality and inclusion. The impact of Power Ministers in my life, is how they implement national and international plans, it is the revolution of the greatest force that drives a Christian movement as the key to spirituality in difficult times that includes women of all faiths. And it is precisely inclusion and equality that Power Ministers has impacted my life. Satisfaction for the spiritual impact that, from being just a spectator and listener, we turn to leaders because they offer leadership training, value our commitment to the Group and especially with the purpose for which it was established, and the retention of its members who they become part of Power Ministries every day.”  Aura Amparo I., Pereira, Colombia 🇨🇴

“In this time of pandemic, Power Ministries has been a balm in the midst of all the difficulties that we are going through, I really like their brotherhood, companionship, respect and the clear vision and mission to proclaim the gospel without exception.

I feel happy to belong to this special group of warrior women united in one spirit, willing to obey the Lord to go and conquer those who are far from the heart of the Father so that they have the opportunity to have their lives changed like ours, giving us identity and value. Thank you Power Ministries!”  Elba C., Bogotá, Colombia  🇨🇴

“God through Power Ministries has made me understand that he loves me that he has never forsaken me that he has always been there and that it was me who did not want to hear him. But today I can testify that thanks to this group my life is changing for the glory of God.”  🙌  Mary Luz B., España  🇪🇸

“Power Ministries has impacted my life with daily prayer at five in the morning, this space changed my life creating a discipline so that my first hour of each day is for God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, in this way, I have established an intimate and personal relationship with God based on his word, strengthening my faith as well, with the power that each Power Ministries woman brings day by day to my spiritual growth.”  Patricia I., Pereira, Colombia  🇨🇴

“I came to this group with expectations of change for my spiritual life. As time went by, I found the Love of my life through words and writing. My spiritual transformation has been noticeable, not only for me but for my son and for all the people around me because I have put faith, hope and trust in God. I thank our Lord JESUS ​​CHRIST for bringing me to this group of Power Ministries.”  Yury V., Pereira, Colombia  🇨🇴

“The impact of Power Ministries on my life.

Living in a country other than the country of origin causes frustration due to the lack of language; loneliness due to lack of family and friends, and impotence due to not being able to express all these and other feelings. The feeling of loneliness affected me for several years until I understood that the Lord Jesus has always been with me helping me. But, I still kept crying out for a physical family with the same feelings with whom I could express and share my feelings. Today I can say that the Lord Jesus has blessed me with an international family such as Power Ministries.

I have to thank the Lord Jesus, for having opened the doors of Power Ministries for me, using my best friend since our college days, a woman full of blessings who wanted to share this blessing with me by inviting me to the group. Also, I have to thank the beautiful leader, who I have not had the privilege of knowing physically. I know Zoraida for her voice, for her photo on WhatsApp, especially for her wisdom and understanding, which I know comes from on high. I also have to thank the group of women who connect every day with the same feeling, the love of our Lord Jesus.”  Maria Fernanda B., Seattle, Washington, USA  🇺🇸

“The impact that Power has had on my life, from the moment I arrived in the group, I was impacted by the welcoming embrace of our leader Zoraida, full of strength, love, faith and hope, there I learned that that was how my faith had to be, that That hug was from Jesus who had to trust him, I learned that my problems, anguish and worry are not mine that I have a God and that I can do everything because he strengthens me, I learned to trust him with my life because while I pray he does his will in me, in his time that is perfect and sure that he is the God who can do everything, the one who has done miracles in my life because he is a true God who must be believed, amen.”   Maria Victoria, Coquitlam, BC  🇨🇦

“I believe that in this little time that I have to belong to this group of warrior women, it has helped me to know Jesus Christ our Lord. And by getting to know him more closely and feeling sheltered by him and with the help and prayers of this wonderful group, I have managed to leave behind many resentments that I brought against my parents, a sentimental partner due to physical and verbal abuse.

I have learned to love myself more and take care of myself. To be a more confident person that allows me to be a better mom. I’M STILL LEARNING!!”  Rosi Elena Z., Mexico   🇲🇽

“Six months ago I entered Power Ministries“ Al café con Jesús ”a meeting where they pray for all the needs that we have, we learn about God, then I began to enter other meetings each time I liked it more, all the meetings are different, those meetings They have given me so much peace, I feel happy, despite what we are going through that is not easy, I have felt accepted, loved by women of God, my daughter got sick and knowing that so many women from so many countries without knowing her prayed for her and in one day God healed her, we have seen so many miracles, my husband says that he always sees me well and it is because I am always connected with God.

I thank God for Power Ministries. I always try to be at 7am to 8am to 11am and some days at 9pm Mexico time.”  Constanza V., México  🇲🇽

“Power Ministries a group that has impacted me in the way they support, and help to know Jesus. Thanks to the group, it helped me grow and strengthen spiritually, I met the love of Jesus, I am happier than ever.”  Andrea M., Kelowna BC, Canada  🇨🇦

“Power Ministries is a beautiful group of warrior women, since I was in the group my life has changed, and now I feel more secure and happy, because I know that the Lord is working in me.”  Mary Carmen P.,  Kelowna, BC, Canada  🇨🇦

“I thank God for all their blessings and this wonderful group for reaching me, for finding me, for rescuing me from the void, loneliness and immense pain so infinite that I felt in my soul, I felt disoriented.

When God allowed them to welcome me and give me so much affection and love and above all to teach me to this day to walk hand in hand with God and that despite the circumstance that I am going through at that time, God is always with me and that He loves me above all things.

It is impressive for me, how when you arrive in a country with different customs and feel alone many times, you suddenly find yourself with a group of wonderful women who encourage you to move on, who support you with their prayers, who take of their valuable time To advise you, to be aware of you !!

I thank Zoraida, because she does not give up on me, because with her great love for all of us she supports us, she lifts us up, she is with us 24/7, many times I wonder if she also has time for her. It is so exhilarating to know that God sends you such a wonderful and selfless person to watch over you and teach us the discipline that we should have with God. I really feel very Blessed to be able to belong to this wonderful group of warrior women!”  Marisol O., Coquitlam, BC, Canada  🇨🇦

“Power Ministries has had a great impact in my life, it has edified me even more, every day I learn more to be able to lead and be of a grateful and humble heart, we are a group of Warriors who support each other and share the same ideal.

Which is to follow Our Lord Jesus Christ. We have a Loving Father who hears our Prayers. We always go to the Holy Spirit because without Him we are nothing, and that has impacted me from the first day I arrived at POWER MINISTRIES

I thank God for having given us the leaders of Power Ministries, Zoraida, Llerme and Luz Dary. Virtuous women that the Lord uses and speaks through them.   Tere G., Coquitlam, BC, Canada  🇨🇦

“Power Ministries was my light at the end of the tunnel; my life was withered and dead physically and spiritually. Disappointment, insecurity, hatred, revenge and so many feelings tormented me. As time passed, I felt emptier and less valued.

This ministry has come into my life in an impressive turn. Sharing and learning with other women has been a great blessing in my life. I have learned the importance of staying connected to God through Jesus Christ (Jn 15: 4-8) I learned to forgive and love. My thinking has been renewed and now I understand what God thinks of me and I live happily with the peace of Jesus Christ in my life.

Power Ministries has changed my life.”  Delia G., Guanajuato, Mexico  🇲🇽

“Being in Power Ministries has definitely strengthened my spirit and has taken it to another level, where I feel much more conscious and more connected with God, I have a cleaner and closer relationship with Jesus, a direct connection with the Holy Spirit. I sit at a banquet, where there is everything I need: Love, Word, wisdom, understanding, self-control, humility, Joy, mercy I know that I can pick up and take what I need, I feel stronger and happier, I have learned, Through other women, many spiritual weapons that I carry unconsciously and that have helped me face every challenge in life, be it something small or something big, I have experienced a different preparation and wisdom. I am super grateful to God for bringing me to this Wonderful Group, and grateful to all the women who lead it, with a lot of love and professionalism. Glory to God Power Ministries!🙌🏽”  Jennifer A., Chile  🇨🇱

Power Ministries impacted my life in a supernatural way. I came to this group with my heart broken, sunk in darkness. By accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, my life completely changed. I am now a new creature that has been released, rescued, and healed! I am full of love and gratitude! Carmen N., Vancouver, BC, Canada 🇨🇦

Power Ministries has been a time of refreshment in the midst of this pandemic. Every morning I receive the word of life that edifies, restores and heals our soul. It leads me to a deeper knowledge of the word of God and to seek the direction of the Holy Spirit in everything that I do day by day. We are a group of women of different nationalities, but with the same feeling looking for the Beloved of our soul every day that he is our first date. I thank God for Zoraida’s life, for having put her in my path 17 years ago with that hug that I will never forget. It is a great blessing to be part of this group of Power Ministries warriors. Blessings. Esther C., Mexico City 🇲🇽

I had been feeling sad; I couldn’t sleep, and every time I thought of going back to work I was invaded by the feeling of agony, thinking that in my work I was not valued. This was nothing more than walls that Satan had built to keep me trapped by his lies.
One morning I fell asleep and was late for prayer, and I heard that things that I felt and that were happening to me had been spoken about. I wrote without thinking that I thought I was depressed. The answer was immediate, a person prayed for me at the time. Berenice wrote to me and showed me her support, Zoraida calls me and asks me about my father, I disarm, through her God discovered my heart and I discovered that the lack of forgiveness I had seized with pain. God released me from that chain and I was free. To God be the glory. Today I can look to the future with hope and without fear.
Participating in Power Ministries rescued my life from pain and lack of communion with God. Amen. Gladys C., El Salvador 🇸🇻

In Power Ministries I found the way to my salvation, to be strong, face situations with the presence of the Lord, listen and write the word of God, be patient, understand his call and know that everything is possible with his mercy and what I still have to learn! Which I am open to receive. 🙏😍❤️ Mercedes P., New York, USA 🇺🇸

I am Loida R. and I thank God for having put in the heart of Pastora Magaly, speaking to Zoraida, great leader of Power Ministries, so that she would allow me to be part of such a blessed group. I have felt very, very good, strengthened a lot in the love, mercy and compassion of our Lord in each of the testimonies that are given, in addition to feeling instructed by such valuable women who are here great women, from whom I learn every day. A thousand and a thousand thanks🙏💕 Loida R, Spain 🇪🇸

Paolina’s Testimony

Expressions of gratitude to God

Paloa’s Testimony – February 2020

At the beginning of 2019, I felt an anguish that barely let me breathe; I was coming out of a long medical leave for depression, which manifested itself in insomnia for days and a low energy that only allowed me to survive.

It was on one of these days, that I read a post by Susan Araya that caught my attention: she looked happy, her eyes showed joy and love. I could see a great change in her, as I had been following her on social networks for a couple of years, due to the work she does through social networks.

When I saw the light in her eyes, I decided to write to her and ask what had happened to cause her to look so happy now.

My surprise was huge when I received her answer in just a few minutes … she told me: friend, this is because I found Jesus. With just these words, I wanted to know more. If knowing Jesus meant being this happy, I wanted to find him too.

And so I began listening carefully each morning to the Power Ministries warriors pray, and as I did, my heart began to release the anguish, and an indescribable strength and faith began to grow in me.

Every morning, when my work allows it (because in my country, 5 am is 9 am), I join the prayer sessions and although I would love to have an active participation, they fill me with peace and certainty that God is next to me and next to everyone I love.

There is a long way to go, but I am here with Jesus, declaring my unconditional love and faith that will always accompany me.

Thanks to the women of Power Ministries, for this strength and certainty that each of us contributes and is important in prayer.

Thank you my God, for being with me and my family.

Thanks, thanks and thanks.

Paola Uribe – Chile

Zoraida Moore

President, Power Ministries

Have you ever made Jesus the Lord and Savior of your life?

If not, pray this prayer and start a new life in Christ.

“Dear God,
I come to You in the Name of Jesus. I admit that I am not right with You, and I want to be right with You. I ask You to forgive me of all my sins. The Bible says if I confess with my mouth that “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in my heart that God raised Him from the dead, I will be saved (Rom. 10:9). I believe with my heart and I confess with my mouth that Jesus is the Lord and Savior of my life. Thank You for saving me!
In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.”